Right of ownership, construction or law of leases that are disciplines on real estate law. To resolve conflicts related to this specific area, the lawyers of JLS expert in real estate law offer advice, recommendations and assistance to assist you in the resolution of these disputes.


Neighborhood, construction, rental, sale… The estate includes all operations related to real estate. This branch of the law also concerns the regulation of professions such as real estate agents and notaries specialized.

Real estate law is very broad. This discipline encompasses many aspects of daily life and is closely related to the insurance law, commercial law, banking law… Our multidisciplinary firm offers us a major advantage: our teams of lawyers will ensure full support of your case.


Conflict situations, lease renewal, building permits or selling a property, real estate law contains many facets. Jean-Louis Saves, a lawyer for more than 25 years, and his staff will accompany you in the management of these disputes. In case of conflict with the neighborhood, our team can intervene in order to determine the responsibilities of each and find an amicable outcome that will put an end to the disagreement.

Whether it be a dispute with your Builder, a tenant who does not pay his rent or a problem of co-ownership, we are witnessing in the face of these complex legal procedures and we recommend the best strategy to adopt to protect your interests.

Our scope is wide: the drafting of lease to the recovery of unpaid rents, we are able to find adequate solutions to stop a conflict. Upstream, we can also offer the best advice to prepare your personal or professional projects with confidence.

To advise you, defend you or hire a procedure to justice, contact our JLS LAWYERS firm located in the heart of Toulon. Together we will find a response to the problems you encounter.

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