Analysis of contracts, advice, assistance and representation before the courts, the JLS firm accompanies you in each of the legal steps to defend your rights and your interests. Having problems with your insurance company? We put our expertise and our technical skills at your service.


Affairs related to the insurance law generally concern disputes between policyholders and insurers. Our firm having multidisciplinary skills can intervene on behalf of insurers, contractors or individuals. Our function is to recommend the best strategy to acknowledge the legitimacy of your request and obtain compensation or repairs to which you are entitled.

Our role is to analyse insurance agreements and clauses in order to propose appropriate solutions that will put an end to the dispute. Our response also ensures good relations between insurers and the insured through an amicable outcome when parties act quickly from the beginning of the dispute.


Auto insurance, construction, housing and even civil liability, we manage the disagreements encountered as part of a contract between an insurance company and the insured.

Some clients cannot resolve only contractual disagreements between them to their insurer in particular when the financial stakes are high. A great experience in the discipline of the insurance law, our firm offers skilful assistance including litigation and judicial expertise.

Disagreement over the terms of compensation, negotiating the preparation of the contract, mediation in the event of litigation or judicial proceedings, our team of insurance law lawyers defend your interests, your property and your rights.

You want to get legal advice for the subscription of an insurance contract or the management of litigation. Contact our firm JLS LAWYERS located in the centre of Toulon. Our teams will accompany you prior to the proceedings for the protection of your interests.

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