Our JLS LAWYERS firm and its employees will be able to offer you assistance in your preventive steps, or accompany you in the event of disputes in labour law, you guide and offer you solutions adapted to your situation and your issues.

The collaborators of our firm Toulon JLS LAWYERS, accustomed to the issues of labour law, will be able to assist you, and guide you through all steps in labour law, including offering you solutions adapted to your situation, or even accompanying you in the event of labour disputes.


Labour law is an area that includes both the right to work, that is to say the rules governing the working relationship between employer and employee, and the right to social security.

Our team of lawyers can advise and assist you at all stages of the employment relationship, whether in individual or collective issues, and to allow you to anticipate any possible litigation.


The services of our JLS LAWYERS practice in labour law are to assist you in different approaches, actions and projects both in the field of individual labour relations as well as collective relations.

Drafting of employment contracts and endorsements (CDI; full time, fixed-term Contract or part-time), early termination of CDD, disciplinary proceedings and dismissal (personal, disciplinary, economic reason, incapacity) procedures, conventional breaks, establishment of professional elections, drafting internal regulations, drafting and denunciation of internal company agreements, JLS firm is able to assist you, and provide you with the best advice for all your legal steps in the management of the employees.

Furthermore, the JLS firm is likely to intervene in the amicable settlement or litigation of disputes between employers and employees, especially in relation to training, performance, or breach of the work contract.

As such, employees of the firm JLS are so able to assist you or represent you in the event of disputes before the Council of Prud’hommes before the Social Security Court, and before all other jurisdictions likely to decide a case in relation to the labour law.

Apply for and benefit from the experience and technical Mr Jean-Louis Saves and his collaborators, in order to tackle all issues in employment law with more serenity.

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