To face complex administrative formalities, as well as deadlines, our firm JLS LAWYERS accompanies you and advises you in all the legal steps for your disputes with public administrations.


Administrative law governs and regulates relations between administrative bodies and citizens but also public people amongst each other. Therefore, a very broad and complex policy area includes a multitude of concepts related to public law. The JLS LAWYERS firm works also for the management of litigation of the urban planning law (building permit), the right of public servants, the rules applicable to administrations, the road law…

It is generally disputes between individuals and the Administration (the State, local authorities, public authorities…).

Administrative law is characterized by very complex and limited appeal that is why we advise you to surround yourself with a lawyer working in this discipline to enforce your rights with the authorities.


Our firm defends you and represents you in the administrative courts. We assist individuals, but also companies in their representations to the competent courts.

Our lawyers put up the right strategy for appeal against decisions issued by government agencies. Excess of power, annulment of a decision, emergency procedures or full jurisdiction litigation, JLS firm advises and assists you throughout the procedures to recognize your rights.

After a thorough review of the facts or of the business case, we focus all our efforts to defend yourself better against the administrative court of Toulon.

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