Whether perpetrator or victim of a fault or damage, benefit from the expertise and support from a lawyer involved in civil liability. Amicable outcome or action in litigation, lawyers of the firm JLS LAWYERS in Toulon will accompany you in all the legal steps to claim your rights.


The law of civil liability concerns all conflicting relationships caused by the breach of an obligation, a fault or an accident. Physical or legal persons can cause these faults. It is a large discipline, closely related to law insurance but also too many other areas.

There are two types of responsibilities: the contractual civil liability resulting from poor execution of a part or all of the obligations of a contract, and the tortious civil liability, which intervenes in the case where an individual or a legal person causes a personal or moral injury to others.


In the event of injury, the presence of a lawyer helps you recognize your rights and obtain compensation, or cleared of offense. These repairs usually give rise to a payment of damages and interest.

Your lawyer will determine the causes of the damage and the liability of each party. Our firm can intervene on behalf of companies, business leaders or individuals. Our teams support you the beginning of your dossier to the conclusion of an agreement.

Negotiation, call for an expert or preparation of their file, we support our customers, authors, or victims, to find a satisfactory outcome and put an end to the dispute.

General liability, professional liability of the liberal professions, medical liability… We work in all judicial or disciplinary courts, regardless of the subject of the liability, civil or criminal.

Civil liability cases sometimes include very important issues, so it is essential to get help from an experienced lawyer to accompany you through all the legal steps that you face.

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