Legal divorce and family law are complex and sometimes include serious decisions. Be accompanied during these delicate steps and benefit from the expertise of Jean-Louis Saves and his collaborators to apprehend calmly those difficult moments.


Family law governs and regulates the relations between members of the same family. This concerns the alliance (couple, marriage, divorce…) relations and kinship (filiation, adoption, succession…).

Transmission of inheritance, divorce, adoption… Each case includes specific management characteristics. Our interdisciplinary firm uses its resources, its network (accountants, notaries,) and expertise to support you in these events. Some procedures require the presence of a lawyer. Divorce, for example, it is imperative to resort to a lawyer to find a compromise between the two former spouses.


Our teams of lawyers accustomed to divorce proceedings and Family Affairs helps you understand serenely each stage, sometimes very complex depending on the situation, to defend your rights and your interests with your loved ones.

Our firm is active in the field of the right of the family in various procedures: divorce, pacs, marriage contract, filiation, children rights and much more. Mr Jean-Louis Saves and his staff will give you advice and the recommendations necessary to help you understand the legal proceedings you are facing.

Drafting of contracts of everyday life, custody of children, division of family property, or separation, we can assist you and advise you on the best strategy to use for you to be heard.

Need a lawyer in family law to settle peacefully your domestic affairs? Lawyers of the firm JLS LAWYERS advise and represent you in all family issues.

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